Our mission

Casper Energy Services prides itself on a culture of success. Casper Energy is focused on hiring true industry professionals that continue to strive for excellence and push each other to continually get better at everything we do.

About Us

Casper Energy Services was purchased in 2013 by Principles Jamie Crysdale and Jamie Harrison who had spent the previous 10 years growing a Drilling and Blasting company. Casper Oilfield Services was purchased while operating as a Water and Vac Truck company and a way back to market for the two Jamie’s. It was not a great time to re-enter Oil and Gas due to the economic downturn but fighters as they are the two Jamie’s did not give up and decided to sell of the Water and Vac Business assets in 2015 and turned to General Freight Hauling as a means to pay bills. In December of 2016 Casper was awarded the Drilling and Blasting contract at Exxon Mobil’s Kearl Oilsands project. Casper then secured the Drilling portion of Suncor’s Drilling and Blasting program in July of 2017.