Casper Safety Services

Casper Safety Services was created by professionals in Health, Safety, Environment and Human Resources from a direct result of our clients asking for program development and onsite services. We bring over 40 years of on site and program development services throughout Alberta, Saskatchewan, and British Colombia with personnel holding certifications as NCSO’s, CRSP’s, CSP’s, CUSP’s, CHRP’s and many years of operational experience. We know that services in HSE and HR need to support and work closely with operations; we have achieved that cohesion with our team and the delivery of our services.

Onsite Safety Services

We are not afraid of the field, in fact we are probably already on your site or have been there. We can provide personnel to your site from a wide and diverse experience in Health and Safety Leadership to personnel with specialization.

Field Services

Some of our services are for field:
- Dedicated Safety Coordinators to your site and needs
- On site investigations
- Cold Eyes review
- Site Mobilization and Orientations
- COR Audits within Alberta (Internal or external)

Human Resources

Human Resources is a increasing task to meet operational demand. Our human resources personnel have a wide array of experience from hire to termination and every step in between. Want to reduce cost of hiring, on boarding, program development, and execution? Contact us for details.
Some of our services are:
- Set up and execution of Pre-employment test
- On-boarding and travel coordination
- Mediation and Dispute Resolution

Program Development of HSE and HR

We have found from over 40 years of experience that if Health, Safety and Environment do not work closely with Human Resources there is a duplication of services, which leads to more expense. Our Programs and services seek to maximize services expense, resulting in programs and operations that reduce cost leading to more effective and efficient programs.
Some of our services for program development are;
- Program development and Management
- Safety Manuals
- COR program development and attaining a COR
- Internal and External Audits for COR within Alberta
- Training plans for site access and competency
- Management of Prequalification systems such as Avetta (PICS), ISN, CanQual, Comply Works, etc – We can help you navigate the process quickly and become site compliant, or be your representative with these pre-qualification services.

WCB Management and Review- (No cost recovery- No fee)

We aim to recover cost for employers from WCB not normally realized. We employ past WCB and Disability claims managers who specialize in WCB account management. Once a review is conducted of the account, our specialist will present a report of areas of recovery and a plan to action. Fees are based on a percentage of cost recovered,